Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains a wealth of information, related to InstaGhost

About InstaGhost
InstaGhost is an Instagram third-party tool that allows you to publish photos on multiple accounts at the same time and schedule all your posts for the week ahead. You can go on a holiday trip for a few weeks or take a day off - all of them will be published automatically by schedule. You don't even need to take your phone out of your pocket.

InstaGhost is a simple tool. We don't notify you to post as Hootsuite or Later. You schedule your post, we publish. That's it!
We Also Offer Automation Services Like Auto Follow/UnFollow , Auto Comment and more that will helps you to Grow You InstaGram Followers in a Very Short Period .
It’s very important for us to be clear to our users — InstaGhost is not a service provided or endorsed by Instagram or Facebook. We are a separate company who have provided a method to post images to Instagram in a way similar to having a friend who sits on their phone 24/7 uploading images.

It is secure. InstaGhost doesn't store any passwords and operates through encrypted tokens so your account is always protected. According to our privacy policy, we do not share your personal information with any third parties.

InstaGhost doesn't implement the Instagram API (official or unofficial) at all while posting your image(s) or videos - we use the same process all Instagram users do when uploading images instead. InstaGhost works on its own as the native Instagram app, so there is nothing connected with the prohibited auto posting.
Account settings
By using InstaGhost, you may add or remove the unlimited number of Instagram accounts at any time you want (Depend Of Your Account Plan).

Here is how to add the Instagram account:
Visit the Accounts Page > Click on New Account > Then enter the Instagram account data.

We remind you that you should enter the Instagram account's ID, not the email it belongs to. Also, the Instagram account password , Note That fields are case-sensitive - just a partly formality for security reasons, be careful with it.

And how to remove the account:
Go to the Accounts Page > Click On The 3 Points Above The Instagram Account ID to Delete > Then Delete account.

Because InstaGhost, Servers Are in a Different Country As You are , Instagram may Ask You About a Checkpoint Validation To Let You Connect Your Account To Our Platform.

Open Instagram App on your phone and simply click the “This was me”.
Instagram may prompt a second security verification by sending you a 6-digit code either via text message
or via email to the email address associated with the Instagram account.
Click the “Send Security Code” button to verify your login attempt. You will receive an email to the email address associated with your Instagram account.
Just copy and paste the code to Instagram. That’s it!
Here is An Example
Pricing & Payments
By Clicking Here You Can Know More About Pricing , Packages And Features For Every Pack . .
Unfortunately, according to our Terms of Service, we do not refund money after they charged .
We Are Already providing a 5 day trial to test the service .
You can continue using the month of your subscription or we cancel it manually right now.
All of the prices on InstaGhost are submitted in $ USD. If you have any other currency, InstaGhost converts the $ USD price into your local currency according to the current exchange rates.

We charge you in your currency, but the receipt you get is always in $ USD.

If you have any questions about the currency on InstaGhost, please contact .
Every new user gets the 5-days' trial period to try InstaGhost for free. You may use all of the InstaGhost features without any restrictions.

When the trial period is over, InstaGhost will ask you to subscribe. All of your scheduled posts won't be lost if you didn't subscribe, but the posts which were scheduled on time between the end of the trial and the moment you subscribe will not be posted.

Note That Just one trial period is offred just one time for every customer .

If you have any issues with the trial period, please contact for a help.
Known issue
If the Instagram account has ever been added to any InstaGhost's account, it's impossible to add it to InstaGhost during the trial period (if you subscribe on the trial period, the restriction removes). When you subscribe, the restriction goes away and you may add any Instagram account to InstaGhost.
Sometimes this happens due to extra spaces in the password. But if you have any problems with authorization or you forgot your password, ping us via the live chat and ask for a password reset and we will send you a new one in moments .
Posting and Scheduling
These are some pretty philosophical issues.
In short, SMM means social media marketing and scheduled posting means preparing social media updates to be posted later.

If you don't have anything to do with SMM, don’t rush to leave us — our statistics show that 75% of our users are regular Instagrammers who just love posting images from the web.
Unfortunately, you can't edit or write comments to the post which is already posted to Instagram via InstaGhost.
You need to open Instagram application for doing it .
We have no limits for scheduling. You can schedule thousands Instagram posts for a week/month/year ahead.
Video posting and scheduling is available on InstaGhost! The algorithm of uploading videos is the same as for photos. Just drag-and-drop a file into the web page, and it'll be uploaded to the server instantly.
Then, you may edit your video and add caption/the first comment to post it or schedule.

We currently support MP4 video format only.

As we’re playing by the rules of Instagram, videos should be 3 to 60 seconds long. Also, there is the size limit for videos - 55 MB.
Video can’t be uploaded as the landscape or portrait.
It's impossible to tag users on the videos.

Video cover setting. Unfortunately, you can’t choose any frame you want to set as a cover of the videos, but we are working on it. Now InstaGhost offers you to choose from 4 frames - the 1st-second frame of a video and frames from the 25%, 50% and 75% of the video.

Filters and geo-tags are unavailable on InstaGhost now, but we are working on it.
If you would like to be notified when these features are launched with videos, please send a quick message to!